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I also want to mention that we do not strictly eat vegetarian/vegan. We work these in as often as possible but we do eat meat...we are in the process of pinning down local organic meats and buy from halal markets or eat wild game. All recipes are intended to be vegetarian but are meat optional.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My weekly produce purchase

This week I did pretty good, this is just counting what I got today and Friday  (since payday is Thursday).

6  2-3 pound bags of apples & oranges = $1/bag
1 bag of 5 mixed color bell peppers = $1
2 pkgs of sweet mini peppers - $1 each
1 bag of 5 Roma tomatoes = $1
2 bags of 3 eggplant = $1each
1 bag of peaches = $1
1 bag of 1 eggplant and 4 cucumbers = $1
1 5 lb bag sweet onions = $5

2 2-3 pound bags of snap beans = .99 cents
1 3 pound bag potatoes = .99 cents
2 pkgs of 3 ears each corn on the cob = .79 cents each
1 2 pound bag of hot peppers = .99 cents

total = approx $25

I traded 5 of the eggplant to a friend for a 32 oz jar of local honey and 2 jars of sugar free strawberry Polaner all fruit.  Now I got tons more groceries too, mostly stuff on clearance.

grocery total for this week = $132  (about $50 more than what I'm used to, Thanks Mom!!!)

Definitely going to be doing some canning this week!!

This weeks meal plan!!!

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