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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Going Dairy Free...attempt 1

Let's see how long this lasts...now, just to be clear, I am cuttin out dairy piece by piece for health reasons first then because I love cows.

So, as of today, I have been 4 days without cheese, I have been using Galaxy Veggie Shreds and have found that it melts beautifully and I can even eat it straight out of the bag.  I think I actually prefer this to Daiya brand.

I have never been a huge milk  drinker anyway, so nixxing that was no problem at all.  I have found a new milk that I love though, coconut milk!!  I always thought I hated coconut until I had fresh in a cookie and some sweetened coconut milk.  OMG yum!!

The hard part for me will be ice cream and yogurt.  I haven't tried alot of non-dairy ice creams as they are really expensive, but I haven't found  a yogurt sub that I like the flavor of.  Cutting cottage cheese came when I realized everytime I ate my I got terrible stomach cramps.  My body is telling me i am not meant to consume animal products. LOL

So, have any of you cut dairy from your diet?  Have you noticed a difference in how you feel?  What dairy subs are your  favorite??


  1. I've heard that rice cheese is gorgeous, but I've not had a chance to try it. As for soy milk... I'm still going crazy that I can't remember what kind it was that I liked in the States so much. It wasn't Silk - it was a LOT better than Silk.

    Anyways, best of luck!


  2. I have had rice cheee, but it has been awhile; may have to try it again. I am kinda discourage though, i just looked at my veggie shreds and they aren't the vegan ones - they still have casein nd milk proteins in it. i will have to read the label better next time LOL

    I love soymilk, so f you have fund one better than Silk (and hopefully cheaper lol0 I would love to hear about it!!! I have tried almond milk too and that is really good!

  3. The vegan ice creams are the best!! Stay with So Delcious brand at first because it's the creamiest and the most like dairy ice cream. My fave is the So Delicious Purely Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Also the Turtle Tracks is fantastic!

    Good luck Shauna!

  4. Just found your blog tonight :) My fiance and I will attempt to go dairy free in June to see if that will help with his "seasonal" allergies and to see how it affects me. We are not vegan so it will be a big change for us and its getting overwhelming to try to pick alternatives to use. I've got my dairy free shopping list going and we'll just have to take it one day at a time. I'll be checking in on your blog to see how its working for you :)Good luck!!

  5. i have found when choosing cheese subs, you have to read carefully. Many still contain casein (a milk protein)and some even have milk whey. I was very disappointed to find my cheese sub was one of those. So now I know to read better.

    I wish you luck on your dairy free attempts and I am here if you need to talk!